Adult Braces & Orthodontics

Adult Braces & Orthodontics

Braces aren’t just for kids. Actually, more than 20% of our patients are adults. It’s never too late to get the smile you’ve always wanted, while reaping all the benefits. Most of us know someone who decided to straighten his or her teeth later in life. That’s because tooth alignment can be changed at any age, as long as your gums and bones are healthy. More than ¾ of adults have crooked teeth, and many notice shifting teeth in their 30s -50s, making it harder to floss and brush properly. Not only can this crowding be uncomfortable and unsightly, but it can also contribute to gum disease, jaw joint pain (TMJ/TMD) and headaches. Whether straightening teeth, creating space or closing gaps, braces help your teeth fit together properly. A good fit means longer-lasting teeth, and less costly dentistry as you age.

At Red Hill Ortho

We use a wide range of techniques that may include Invisalign, metal braces or clear braces. Our goal is to reduce your discomfort, decrease the frequency of your visits, shorten your treatment time and help you choose the treatment option that best suits your specific case and lifestyle.

Most of all, we want to give you the confidence, self–esteem and quality of life that a great smile provides.

Contact us for a free consultation. Your first visit will outline your treatment plan, treatment time and expected cost. No referral is necessary.


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Public Health has allowed all orthodontists to remain open due to our safe environment.