Treatment Options

Treatment Options

The use of technically designed devices that place gentle pressure on the teeth causing them to move to a more natural and appealing position is called orthodontics. The doctor who prescribes, plans, monitors and carries out this treatment is an orthodontist. If your teeth are in the “wrong” spot you are at risk of early tooth loss, periodontal disease, as well as chewing difficulties. This can lead to headaches and/or jaw (TMJ) and neck pain. Perhaps most important is the fact that a healthy smile leads to increased confidence and overall wellbeing.

The AAO (American Association of Orthodontists) suggests visiting an orthodontist by age 7. Because the best time for orthodontic care is before all the adult teeth erupt, doctors take advantage of growth and early intervention. This crucial examination is free of cost so that parents and orthodontist can make the best choice for when to begin treatment. Please visit our Early Treatment and Invisalign Teen pages for more info.

More than 20% of our patients are adults. Many choose removable, clear Invisalign as well as traditional braces. Be sure to visit our other pages for detailed information about all treatment options.


Yes, we are open!

Public Health has allowed all orthodontists to remain open due to our safe environment.